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The Yacht Club

290 S Edwardia Dr.

Greensboro, NC 

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In the middle of an industrial area, nowhere near the water, is a quaint little building reminiscent of an old one story beach house called the The Yacht Club. Inside this members only club, you’ll hear the sounds of beach music on Thursday nights and see a group of shaggers dancing amongst the locals that are hanging out at the bar or playing pool. There is no cover for members and their guests to enjoy the music of shag DJ John Cottingham. The music starts at 7:30 and goes until. The shaggers share the 10’ x 18’ ceramic tile floor remembering to courteously stay in their slots while others chat and enjoy the music. Around 20-25 shaggers will usually come out for the evening. You’ll find some good shaggers hanging out here. Smoking is allowed inside and Lilly will take care of all of your drink needs. There are also TV s located strategically about so you can catch up on the sports events. 

This club is a nice little hidden surprise for the shagger that can’t wait for the weekend to dance and hear some beach music. Probably not known to many other than the local Greensboro shaggers.

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