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TJís Night Life
4801 Leigh Drive
Raleigh, NC 27616

Contact Name

Ray, Joni, Troy

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 Participating Shag Club

Home of Raleigh Shag Club

When We Dance

Mon, Tues  7:00pm (Shag Lessons)
2nd Sun  6:30pm Raleigh Shag Club
Mon., Tue., and Thur. open @ 7pm
Wed., Fri., and Sat. open @ 8pm
Sun.  open @ 6pm

Youíll find that the Raleigh Shag Club has made a new home at TJís Night Life on Leigh Ave.  They have their social here on the second Sunday of the month at 6:30pm. Sundays are DJ and hot dog days at TJís. This large, new shag location with an awesome 1400 sq ft wooden dance floor, is a membership only club.  The approx. 28íx 50í dance floor is the focal point of the club. There is limited seating next to the dance floor but there are tables out near the bar areas.  A separate stage is setup on one end of the dance floor  nearby the DJ booth for live entertainment. TJís is also the new home of Rayz Deck Party every  Thursday night at 9pm featuring Carolina Beach Musicís top bands. There is an extra admission charge for  band nights, $8 for members and $10 for guests of members, but along with the band entertainment, you get free hamburgers and hotdogs right off the grill, cooked while you watch and chat. There are usually around 300 people on a Thursday night, including shaggers from other nearby clubs like Capital Area Shag Club, Chatham Area Shag Club and Eno Beach Shag Club. Rotating DJís play the tunes before the band begins and during the breaks. Smoking is allowed inside the building. Seating for about 200 people. There is a theater size TV screen for viewing in the lounge area and 2 bars with friendly wait staff. Monday and Tuesday nights are shag lesson nights with Don Bunn. $2.50 for a beer and $1.75 for a soft drink. TJís also has other special event nights during the week and on Sundays and has been host to several fundraisers for some of the members of the beach music family in need.

Really great place to shag and hear top entertainment play the music we love, and the grilled burgers, dogs and pork chops ďainít bad eitherĒ. 

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