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 Thoroughbred "House of Shag"

4925 Rozzelles Ferry Rd. (off Brookshire Blvd)

 Charlotte, NC

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 Participating Shag Club

Mt. Island Shag Club (M.I.S.C.)

When We Dance

Wednesdays - Shag Lessons with Geoff Burdick

Thursdays - free line dance lessons

Thursday 8:00 - until

Friday 8:00pm - 1am

Saturday 8:00pm - until

Sunday 4:00pm-10:00pm

   The Thoroughbred House of Shag will be a non smoking facility  every Saturday, all day long. 

Thoroughbred "House of Shag", is one of the newest happening shag locations in the Charlotte area. Boasting the newest hardwood  dance floor in Charlotte, this location is the home to the  Mt. Island Shag Club.   Dances are held here Thursday  - Saturday nights from 8:00-2:30 and on Sunday from 3:00pm to 7:00pm. If you get here earlier to eat – the music will be playing and people will be dancing.   The  24’ x 26’ dance floor doesn’t need any powder, it’s a shaggers “paradise”. There are several shag DJ’s that rotate during the week.   An  outdoor patio is open to guests and many renovations have just been completed.  A full menu is available before 8:30, limited menu of sandwiches after 8:30 and munchies are provided on Friday night by the Mt. Island Shag Club. Beer is $2.25, mixed drinks are $4. There is plenty of parking and seating and no cover charge (except for special events). Smoking is allowed on the entrance side of the  lounge and on the other side of the dance floor is the non-smoking area.  Line dances are also included in the line up. Expect at least 275 people on  Friday nights. 

Visit the newly added 2000 sq ft VIP lounge. There is a nice, luxurious room to get away from the crowds to practice a step on the wood dance floor that is a smaller version of the main one.  You may also sit awhile in the lounge area and watch the 60" TV, or just to grab a drink at the bar and have a conversation. There are also additional restrooms in the lounge. The VIP Lounge is available for private parties.

Great music and a nice relaxed atmosphere perfect for any shag dancer.

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