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# Title Artist
1 Cupid Shuffle Cupid
2 Mammas Drinking Liquor King Tyrone & Graveyard Ramblers
3 Do That Thang Again Archie Bell
4 Turn Me Over Coastline
5 RHYTHM The Inmen
6 Open Up Your Back Door Canned Heat
7 Emperor Of My Baby's Heart Paul Craver
8 Heartbreaker Butch Harget Project
9 You Gotta Pay Before You Pump DENICE LaSALLE
10 Let Your Light Boykin Brothers
11 Who Yo Baby Daddy  Prince Jesse
12 Come On And Rock Me Billy Dunn & Bluesway
13 Hotel Happiness RICKEY GODFREY BAND
14 8-3-1 Lisa Stansfield
15 Stuck on You  3T
16 Let The Good Times Roll Bobby Womack
17 Loving on Ocean drive Tim Cashion
18 Picture of You  Boyzone
19 I have a feeling CWB
20 Fool if you think it's over holiday Band
21 Shame Mighty Mo Rodgers
22 She Used to be my girl  Breeze
23 Drop of love   Ray Charles
24 Love in Motion al Green
16 Can't Strike gold johnny dollar
17 In the Mood for Love  Bobby Jones
18 10 Ways  of Loving  you  Lenny Williams
19 Drive Time M People
20 Queen of the 88's
21 Blue Boy   John Fogerty
22 Stand up & Be Strong Keb Mo
23 Live Close By  KT Oslin
24 Real Love Drizabone
25 Back that Thang up  Tyrone Davis
26 Ain't what you do  Chairmen
27 Somebody Cracked Ice
28 How do you Stop  James Brown
29 Game of Love  Santana
30 Hole in the Wall  Mel Waiters
31 Wall to Wall  Band of Oz
32 Party till the Lights go out Hardway Connection
33 Trickle Trickle Breeze
34 Some Bridges need Burning Keisha Brown
35 Love Don't Come no Stronger Craig Woolard
36 Sex Bomb  Tom Jones
37 I Like the Way you Move Kenny G Earth Wind Fire
38 Hold you to your Promise Rickey Godfrey
39 Shakin the shack  Fantastic Shakers


Please help us by emailing us your favorite dance tunes to smp@shagtour.com              (thank you)


The Shagtour Music Poll (SMP)  is for FUN and ENTERTAINMENT ONLY  !


The Shagtour Music Poll (SMP) is similar to that of a college football or basketball Associated Press (AP) poll which many of you may be familiar with. It consists of ranking the top 100 shag and beach music songs.  This SMP (Shagtour Music Poll) will be updated throughout the year depending upon the number of responses and the time to process the numbers.  This poll is  meant to be a reference for dancers and dj's.  It is meant to be FUN and to add excitement to the shag world ! These polls are determined by an entire voting panel. We understand not everybody will agree with our polls, and we encourage you to express your opinions. Send us your opinion of the top 10 shag songs and let us know if you would like to be included on the voting panel.  Anonymous emails will be accepted in the ranking until the voting panel is complete.  YOUR VOTE WILL COUNT.  The SMP is NOT about local bands or a group of friends creating a chart.  This poll is the shaggers choice.  Some of the bands may be having hits right now and influence the charts but that is completely out of our hands.  Shagtour only post results in the same manner in which they are emailed to us.


Is this the current month, current year or all time poll?

It is actually none of the above.  It is simply a poll of the shag and beach music songs that the average dj and shag dancer likes regardless if it is a 15 year old tune or a new release.


How are the rankings determined?

Each voting member submits his/her top 10 shag or beach music songs. The voting members names are kept confidential and at this time we have no plans to make the names of this panel public.  We are sure to encounter problems with this poll and ask that you are patient with us while all the bugs are worked out of the system.  The voting members will consist of any

shagger or dj that wishes to vote.  Only the emails received will be considered and tallied. The first place song receives 10 points, the second place song receives 9 points, the third place song receives 8 points, and so on and so forth.   If the names of the songs are not numbered in the email the top song title will be considered as 1 and the last title will be considered as 10.


If you do not wish to email 10  song titles,  you can email any number of names but you may only vote once per month.


Additional rules and guidelines are currently being written and this page will be updated as the changes are made. 

What happens last?

All votes are then combined and calculated accordingly to produce rankings for the top 100 shag songs. Rankings will change throughout the year at various intervals depending upon the number of emails received. 

What happens in the case of a tie?

All ties will remain a tie.

Please send us your selection for the top 10 songs to smp@shagtour.com or to the email address listed below.    

email =  shagtour@shagtour.com

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