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January, February 2010  - New contest begins - Test your skills - Send your answers to shagtour@shagtour.com with trivia as the subject line and your name will be added to the leaderboard!!

How many SOS cards were sold in 2010 ? 3pts  -  As late as what year, was Mid-winter NOT an SOS event, but rather you needed to be a member of a shag club and show your membership card to get into the clubs? 3pts



2009 winners are....

1st Place - Wayne Bennett                                   2nd Place - Richard Mitchell                       3rd Place - Wes Brooks

                                                                               Points start over for 2010


December 2009 - Last Questions for the year!

What band was invited in 2007 & 2008 to perform their Christmas program for our troops & their families at various military bases throughout South Korea? 3pts - What beach music group sings "Santa Claus is Dancing into Town Tonight" ? 3pts - extra credit - What is your favorite Christmas song sung by a Beach/ Shag entertainer ? 2pts

The Embers performed their Christmas program for our troops.  Batson & Chase sing "Santa Claus is Dancing into Town Tonight"- was also done by Tommy Oliver


November 2009

JB Pivots Beach Club in Charleston, SC opened in 1986. How did it get it's name? 4pts  - Who is the present owner ? 2pts

The original owner of Pivots opened it in 1986 her name was Jeane Steele that is where the J came from. Her boyfriend's name was Bobby Moore That is where the B came from . The Pivot of course is a step in the shag and she wanted it to be a shag club so she called it J B Pivots. she had a childrens dance studio in the building in the daytime and opened a shag club at night.
The Daytime dance studio was called Footsies and the phone number for 23 years has been 843-571-Foot (3668). There was one owner before me from 1994 - 1997 and I have owned it from 1997 - Present . Neither of us wanted to change the name . -
Owner - Harriett Grady- Thomas


September, October 2009

What has this man done for the Shag World? What is "Bubba's" real name ? And who is the lady in the picture with him? 2pts each

Representative John J "Bubber" Snow was instrumental in getting a Bill passed to make the Shag the State Dance of SC. The lady in the picture is his sister, "Sissy" Carolyn McAlister.


August 2009

Who is "Tony Banana"??  6 points


Tony Banana is a "creation" from Dennis & Darlene Brown and Mitch Elliott.  Bo Schronce is shown in the picture wearing one of the FIRST shirts.  Shirts are available @ DB's Tees in Mt. Pleasant, NC. e-mail:  dbtees@ctc.net for more information ( hint -if you are a Shagtour Fan on Facebook,  you would have seen a picture of Bo in the shirt in the Oasis Shrine Beach Blast pictures)


May, June, July 2009

Name 3 websites and their links where you can stream beach/shag music  on-line. 3pts each


Fortunately there are more and more for the beach/shag music lovers. Here are a few: www.wsge.org ; www.949thesurf.com ; www.beachshag.com ; www.johnfm.net ; www.starfmradio.net ; http://home.earthlink.net/~supercfl/ ; www.1340theboardwalk.net ; www.beachmusiccafe.net ; www.wgwg.org ; http://jdoldies.tripod.com/ ; www.live365.com   


April 2009

Easy one ! In what year was the first Spring SOS Parade? And what Shag Club has won for Best Shag Theme 6 times? 2pts each

Bonus: Who said: "Dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but your living room."2pts


1995 - This was the 15th Anniversary of the Parade. Burlington Shag Club.  Bonus : Kurt Vonnegut- famous author


March 2009

According to Beach Music History, what event in 1986 greatly affected beach music, in particular, the younger audience that enjoyed the bands, clubs and festivals? 3pts

The change in drinking laws in 1986 had a profound effect on the bands, and Beach music in general; almost no one under 21 gets exposure to the Beach bands at frat parties or nightclubs any more. Many of the summer Beach festivals dried up for lack of this important 18--21 year old audience.

Bonus question: Who said : " Dancers are the athletes of God." 2pts

Albert Einstein

February  2009

"Money Honey" was the first hit for what group in 1953? What member of the Craig Woolard Band is the lead singer on the current, popular version? For what band was he formerly the lead singer?  2 pts for each


This song was the first hit for The Drifters.  Andy King sings lead on the current version.  Andy was formerly the lead singer for The Catalinas ( and also The Luminas).


January  2009 - New Contest Begins!

What group recorded the beach classic "Rainy Day Bells" in 1970? What is unique about this group? 2 pts for each


"Rainy Day Bells" was recorded by the Harlem Globetrotters - a professional basketball team.



December 2008

What does Clifford Curry ask Santa to bring him in the song he sings on the "Southern Soul Christmas - Vol.1" CD? What group did Clifford get his start with? What is his most recent Top 40 beach/shag song? 2pts for each


Clifford asked Santa to bring him some Dancin' Shoes. He began in a group called The Echoes that evolved into The Five Pennies. His most recent release is "Don't Be Shy"


November 2008

The nationally known 1989 movie "Shag" was filmed in what 3 South Carolina cities? 1 point for each 


 Myrtle Beach, Georgetown and Florence



October 2008

The Beach Club (1960 - 1970) presented many legendary acts such as The Tams, Marvin Gaye, The Georgia Prophets, Junior Walker and the All-Stars, Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs and Otis Redding. Where was The Beach Club located? (be specific) 3 points

The Beach Club was located on Highway 17 N. (Restaurant Row) across from Lake Arrowhead Rd. where Bennett's Calabash Seafood Restaurant now sits.  It was  the Grand Strand's first indoor, air-conditioned, all-concert venue.


September  2008

What does SOS stand for? In what year was it begun and by whom? 1 point for each

 SOS stands for the Society of Stranders. It was begun in 1980 by Gene Laughter.



August 2008

What singer began his career in the singing group The Humdingers, then moved on to the Showmen, before forming his current group which was originally named The Gentlemen?   3 points
 General Norman Johnson - Chairmen of the Board



July 2008

Where is this popular shag location?  3 points

 Boulevard Grill


June 2008

Q. What is his name?  And where can you usually find him?  3 points for each

 H Lee Brown, OD Pavilion



May 2008

Q.  What is his/her name?  And what beach music band is this?  3 points for each


 Freddy "Tina Turner" Tripp member of The Fantastic Shakers



April 2008 

Q.   Where was this picture taken?  3 points


Between Ducks and Ducks Too


March 2008

Q.  Name this tune and artist ?    namethattunechallenge.mp3     5 points



February 2008

Q.   What year did the shag dance become the official  state dance of South Carolina?  1 point






Contest starts over now for 2008.   

2007 winners are ...

1st Place - Wayne Bennett    2nd Place - Courtney Mustin     3rd Place - Holland Shoaf



January 2008

Q.  This guy was popular in high school and is well known to the shag world.  Who is he?  (10 points for correct answer)

Hint:  He is the lead singer for a popular band.

Bo Schronce


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