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The History of “Shagtour.com”

 Mission Statement: Our intent and desire is to preserve the shag dance and be proactive in its growth.

"Shagtour.com" evolved in 2007 from a conversation between Renee Baker of Lancaster, S.C., and then dance partner Rick Honeycutt of Salisbury, N.C., regarding all the informational emails Renee was responding to from her contacts. Renee, former President of Lancaster Shag Club, had compiled a list of her friends, contacts and club members who knew that she was the "go to" person for all upcoming shagging events in the Lancaster, S.C. and Charlotte, N.C. areas.  Every month more friends asked to be a part of this email and Shag clubs began sending her information to be shared. Both Renee and Rick had been members of "Lancaster Shag Club" for several years. Renee and Rick supposed that a website would be a much easier way to share the information, promote the shag dance and would be a lot less work for Renee. After lengthy discussions, they determined to at least give it a try. Both parties realized the website "name", or link, would be the first order of business.  After much deliberation, via cell phone, the name "Shagtour.com" was selected. Shag for the dance and "tour" for all tourists that would visit and be benefited by this new site and because they also decided to "tour" each club and gather information first hand. It was a simple, catchy, easy to spell title and was liked by both.  A major milestone was achieved upon which to build their vision.  They both decided that the mission for the Shagtour website would be to provide all the information within the shag world on one "user friendly" site, posting "hard to find" information about the clubs that was not available elsewhere. Some examples are: cover charges, non-smoking areas, menus, dance floor size, seating, etc., etc.,. 

 A Facebook page was also added in 2009 for current events, flyers and pictures from shag club events,  beach music festivals and other shag related activities. Friends of Shagtour may share their pictures and flyers on this page.

You are invited  to visit "www.shagtour.com" and send in your comments and suggestions to shagtour@shagtour.com - Renee' Baker




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