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NOTES FOR  2014 - 2015



Note 1:  (Shag Clubs or Organizations) The shagtour calendars now have the capability to allow anyone to add information directly to the calendar.   Once you enter the information into the calendar it will appear on the calendar within 24 hours.  To obtain password please email us and we will supply you with the password and instructions.  Let us help you promote your event!


Note 2:  (Shag Clubs) Please let us know who the new president is for each year so that we can make the updates to the shag clubs page.  Also please email us any other new information like email address and contact phone number so that we can keep all information current and up to date.


Note 3:  (General Information)  Many pages on the Shagtour website are labeled as under construction or are incomplete.  Shagtour is presently visiting shag clubs and locations to gather pictures and information to complete these pages.   Other pages like the band pages, instructor pages, and others are always changing so please bare with us as we continually update the website.   Send us an email with the information and we will be happy to include your information.


Note 4:  (D.J.'s)  If you are a dj and would like your picture added to the page simply email us a picture with your phone number and email address.  We will be happy to add the picture to the D.J. webpage. 


Note 5:  (Emails) Shagtour rarely sends emails.  If you send us your email address and ask to be added to our mailing list please note that we rarely send bulk emails.


Note 6:  (Shag Clubs or locations) When any information changes regarding your club or location,  please let us know so the information can be updated. 


Note 7:  (Emails)  When emails are sent to us you will usually have a response / answer within 1-2 days if  you request a reply.


Note 8:  (Emails)  Shagtour wishes to  "THANK EVERYONE"  for all the kind words and compliments we have received. We will continue to grow this website and develop it so that shaggers can easily find any information about shag dancing.  This website is constantly growing and the construction will take years to complete. 


Note 9:  (Counter)  Shagtour does not use a hit counter.  All traffic to this site is monitored and verified from an outside source. 

Here is the latest update of traffic visiting this website, which shows around 500-1000 visits to the website every day.


Daily Avg Monthly Totals
  Hits Files Pages Visits Sites KBytes Visits Pages Files Hits
Aug 2010 21204 16288 2954 738 11212 19253502 22888 91579 504940 657350
Jul 2010 19174 13079 2596 837 9921 28925580 25957 80505 405455 594406
Jun 2010 20020 13037 2718 713 9908 30716002 21417 81550 391134 600629
May 2010 22422 17675 3188 684 10512 40359089 21230 98830 547942 695110
Apr 2010 33171 24959 4627 975 14919 73111814 29275 138829 748783 995143
Mar 2010 36954 34164 3885 739 12717 39300921 22912 120465 1059089 1145600
Feb 2010 25682 22822 3249 606 10345 29115990 16989 90975 639038 719099
Jan 2010 23744 19111 2577 509 9988 49156656 15781 79911 592471 736069
Dec 2009 27747 23526 5149 441 8561 71688182 13689 159627 729317 860163
Nov 2009 15092 12937 2234 442 7526 19296549 13270 67034 388113 452775
Oct 2009 14660 12434 2219 448 7444 16404772 13913 68802 385476 454485



Note 10:  Shagtour is receiving lots of emails and tons of information.  We are updating the website on a daily basis and adding pages to this website every week.   Please be patient with us if the picture you are looking for or the information is delayed by a few days after you send it to us.  Much of the information we receive is not immediately attached to the website so that we can, incorporate it into the website in a user friendly format.  Please remember to send flyers in jpg format and at least 30 days prior to the event.  If your flyer is sent on Monday and the event is Friday of the same week, your flyer will most likely not be entered into the website.


Note 11: Shagtour does not politic for any candidate, shag club, shag location, or and any other shag event. We also do not politic for any other political reason.  It can be very hard at times but we try to always remain neutral regarding what information to insert into the website.  Everyone is treated equally and has the same likelyhood of your event being promoted on the front page of the website.


Note 12:  Video Webstreaming is our newest addition to the website.  If you would like your club, your location, or your event considered for live video webstreaming please contact us at shagtour@shagtour.com.  And remember that we do require an internet connection at the location where video live streaming will be taking place.  That is probably the main requirement.


Note 13:  Several clubs have asked us to come teach a shag class at their event, and many have asked if we have shag dance videos for sale.  We are always happy to help out anyway we can and may possibly be making a shag  dance video in 2011 or 2012.  Stay tuned for more details later.


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