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O.D. Pavilion Social & Shag Club
PO Box 5694
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29597

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Bill Hussey - President


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When And Where We Dance

O.D. Pavilion and other shag sites

In the birthplace of shag, Ocean Drive, SC, you will find the OD Pavilion Social & Shag Club dedicated to “honor the pavilions that provided a group of creative dancers to foster and create the dance that we love so much”, to promoting Carolina Shag, and to providing it’s members with dance venues. ODPSSC also supports their community through thousands of dollars of donations each year to local charities. They have 4 primary charities that they donate to on a quarterly basis, Children's Recovery Center, Sea Haven, Inc, North Myrtle Beach Rescue Squad and North Myrtle Beach Police Department “Shop with Santa”. In addition to these, they also donate to the Hall of Fame Foundation, Church of the Lost and Found, Eno Beach Shag Club fundraiser, Competitive Shaggers Association, Duke Children's Network, Junior Shaggers, and many golf tournaments to name a few.

This club has over 800 members, many are older shaggers that may not be able to shake a leg like they used to, but they are dedicated to the club and what it supports.

OD Pavilion Social and Shag Club hosts many events for it’s members through the year at various clubs such as Ducks, OD Pavilion and OD Beach Club. These events include a Mid Winter party and an Oyster Roast among many others. It’s guaranteed that there will be good food and music at all their parties.

You will meet many people from other cities in the shag world as well as many locals at one of their functions. This club is dedicated to preserving the shag history and perpetuating the traditions. 

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