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O.D. Pavillion / Sunset Grill / aka  "Pam's Palace"
91 S Ocean Blvd.
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29587

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OD Pavilion Social and Shag Club

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The spot was originally the home of Roberts Pavilion in the Ocean Drive section of Myrtle Beach until Hurricane Hazel. Today it goes by several names: OD Pavilion, Sunset Grill and Pamís Palace. It is probably the only Pavilion left that was part of the birthplace of shag.  It is a favorite hangout for shaggers and locals alike. Whether you are there for the ice cream in the front parlor, the arcade games, the burgers and drinks from the canteen in the back or there to shag to the music under the pavilion roof with the ocean breeze drifting through, itís a fun place to be. Itís the focal point for many shaggers during SOS when the sun is beaming down on the beach. Just walk up the back steps and you are on the beach. The shaggers congregate on the beach under their tents and umbrellas only a few feet away so they can enjoy the music pouring out of the pavilion  and partake of the beverages offered from within. The old wooden floor will be overflowing in the early afternoon hours when shaggers are enjoying the beach and checking the crowds to see who is there. At night it is a welcome respite from the hot overcrowded clubs on Main St. You arenít a true shagger until youíve danced up a sweat on a warm SOS night on the Pavilion floor.

This location is the home of the OD Pavilion Social and Shag Club and anyone else that wants to pay tribute to the legend of the shag. 

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OD Pavilion - Sunset Grill O.D. Pavilion Arcade and Snack Bar O.D. Pavilion 3

O.D. Pavilion 4 O.D. Pavilion Sunset Grill


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