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OD Beach Club

998 N Ocean Blvd

North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

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OD Pavilion Social & Shag CLub

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Located on the ocean front on the corner of Main St and Ocean Blvd, you’ll find the OD Beach Club - the home of “The Shaggers Hall of Fame.” As you wind your way down the stairs to the Beach Club from the OD Resort, you’ll find the walls lined with pictures and the stories of the Hall of Famers. Once in the Beach Club you’ll find a large wood dance floor favored by many of the shag dancers for it’s size and ease to get to from the seating in the club. There is also a raised seating level that also serves as a band stage for the live entertainment that is scheduled seasonally. A large bar is positioned near the front entrance and another, that is also the Grille, is located near the ocean front patio. There is always a great crowd here, but not so overcrowded that you can’t dance.

Open daily at 4pm, though the largest crowds and longest hours are during SOS. Also located in the same resort are the Spanish Galleon and the OD Café. The OD Café also opens it’s doors to shaggers during special events with a no smoking policy for this dance venue. One of the only non smoking dance areas. Here you find another great wood floor surrounded by booths for seating. Several buffets are held here during special events like SOS , the Cammy Awards weekend and New Year’s Eve. The Spanish Galleon entertains shaggers early in the evenings on the weekends of SOS. The dance club lighting and cages give it a unique feel.

Great place to relax a bit while listening to some great beach music or to dance the soles of your shoes off.

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OD Beach and Golf Resort 9 Ocean Drive Beach And Golf Resort Spanish Galleon Beach Club OD Beach Club 1 OD Beach Club 2 OD Beach Club 3 OD Beach Club 4 OD Beach Club 5 OD Beach Club 6OD Beach Club 7 OD Bar and Grill 8


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