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Jillianís Entertainment Complex
800 Gervais St.
Columbia, SC 29201

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 Participating Shag Club

Palmetto and Columbia Shag Clubs

When We Dance

Thursdays 7 pm

IOn a typical Thursday night the Groove Shack opens at 7pm until midnight, where DJ Butch Davidson plays the shag tunes. The Groove Shack opens the old glass garage type doors to the outdoor patio overlooking Jillianís Beach. This is where the overflow crowd goes to find a seat and catch an evening breeze. The well worn 16í x 24í wooden dance floor stays full of shag dancers all evening. Youíll see some really great shaggers here.  There is approximately  300 or so young, old and those just stopping by,  to see what all the hype is about.  Itís refreshing to see the college kids learning the state dance out on the floor. Seating is limited, but who has time to sit with great music drawing you to the dance floor. There is no cover charge and Jillianís offers a great menu inside the complex, along with the arcade, pool tables, table tennis, air hockey, beach volleyball and the big screen TV s throughout. Smoking is allowed.  On some Thursdays, Jillian's will bring in bands such as Too Much Sylvia, The Entertainers, The Fantastic Shakers and The Embers.

Youíll see many members of the Columbia and Palmetto Shag Clubs frequenting the Groove Shack on Thursdays.




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