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Chester Shag Club

PO Box 404

Chester, SC  29706


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When And Where We Dance

Chester Shag Club is No Longer Meeting

The Chester Shag Club also know as the Hill Top Shaggers meet every Friday night at Legends. The Hill Top Shaggers began their club in 2000 and have grown to over 100 members.  Some of the charter members include Albert & Ann Cloud, Becky & Don Reed, Judy McWaters, Bob Shannon, Grady Guy, and Deano & Nancy Paulas.  There is never a cover charge at this location.   The beach music dj is Jimbo Thomas.  He was the former owner of this lounge but now just enjoys playing beach tunes every Friday for all the shaggers.   Terry and Tina Blackwell, the current owner of Legends,  are constantly trying to improve the lounge by listening to the patrons desires and wishes.  The 18' x 18' square hardwood dance floor is the perfect size for the shaggers.  The dance floor is never too crowded and is rarely empty.  Some shaggers drop by just to listen to the music while other shaggers drop by just to meet old friends.  The Chester Shag Club also has several larger shag events during the year.  Some of them might include New Years, Christmas, Fall, Spring, Summer, or Halloween.  This average size shag club dances from 8:30pm  - 11:30pm and these shaggers  love the music and the dance. 


One shag dancer was quoted as saying  WE HAVE FUN.......  (which is very true).








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