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Blueberry Hill

Restaurant and Lounge

5301 Williamson Road

Roanoke, VA  24012



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Participating Club


Star City Shaggers
When We Dance
Wednesday 7:00pm – 10:00pm



Shag lessons are given by Steve & Kitty Earles at 7:15 till 8:00pm.  We have the two best Beach & Shag DJ’s in Virginia that will spin the tunes for the usual group of 50 or more by the names of “Diamond Jim” Skinner & Miss Kitty Earles. We also have treat nights where we all enjoy eating our favorite junk food.

Blueberry Hill also has a great restaurant where you can order a great meal.

Wednesday nights are also designated as “NON SMOKING” and there is no cover charge. 

We welcome all who just want to come out, dance and have fun.

No Rules  -- No Dues  -- Just Dance

Blueberry Hill

email =  shagtour@shagtour.com

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