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Big Time Party Band 

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Johnny Wilson

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The "BigTime Party Band", which was born in 2003, is one of the hottest new beach music/variety bands in the southeast. With 3 songs in the top 10 on the top 40 beach chart (94.9 FM, The Surf) in the past 2 years, they are becoming one of the most requested bands in their genre. Signed by Ripete/KHP Music 3 years ago, they continue to put out new music constantly, with their latest two releases in April of 2008 and a new one scheduled in June of 2008 on compilation CDs.

Just recently, their song, “Drink Up” was inducted in “The Surf, 94.9 FM”, “Hall Of Fame” at Myrtle Beach, SC, which means it is now officially, a beach music classic! Their own CD is scheduled to be released this fall.

With nine (9) members, they have vocal abilities that not many other bands can match. From the tenor voices of John & Johnny Wilson, to the falsetto of Bill Hancock, along with his exceptional talent on the keyboards, the deep bass vocals of Nick Alam or the female vocals of Tiff Wheeler, one of the hottest new girl singers in beach music, they can make each song they sing impress you with their differences, yet wow you with their harmonious blend.

With the talent, yet raw sound of Dave Brooks on guitar, they have an edge about them not many other beach/variety bands can offer. The experience and precision of drummer, Ernie Pryce, the work ethic of Dr. Gene Linfors on sax and the solid drive of Brian Terry on bass guitar, puts this band together like a good puzzle.

Together they are the "BigTime Party Band" !!

They will bring the party to you!

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